Hello parents!

This week the children presented their group work they completed in Science. Each group had a different classification of a living thing – mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles. This was the first time they have presented a group project in front of both year groups and they did very well! We will now continue to develop presentation skills to improve this further.

In Geography we recapped the different layers of the rainforest through playing a game. We then split the class in to different groups to create a giant collage that will be on display. I was amazed at how creative the class are, and how much they really got in to the activity and enjoyed themselves. I´ve attached some photos of the process, but will also send you a picture when the display is up and all pieced together.

In English year 3, we started to read a story called I´ll Take You to Mrs Cole. We worked on our investigation skills, discussing what we thought it would be about, and stopping at intervals to guess what would happen next. We also looked at different suffixes, focusing on what happens to root words that end in E as there were many in the story.
In year 4 we began to look at Aesops Fables. We discussed the features and then read a few examples. The children really enjoyed them so we did some role play to act them out for the rest of the class. We then guessed what the moral of the fable was and talked about these morals in further detail.

Both year 3 and 4 looked at doubling, halving and some multiplication. We looked at different strategies to help with doubling and halving, and how it links to our 2 x tables. Year 3 learnt a song to help their 3 x tables which can be found at . Year 4 used their knowledge learnt from the 4 times tables to double the answers and find their 8 x tables.

I hope you all had a fun day spent together on Wednesday!
Love Miss Tammy ☺

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