Hello parents!
It’s been a fun two weeks in year 3 and 4 with lots of hands on learning in Maths and History.
In English, year 3 have been looking at non-chronological reports with a focus on sports. They were able to identify points of view, verbs and nouns, and the main features which include: title, subtitle, pictures and labels. The children wrote and individual plan for their chosen sport, and then we worked on writing each part in the following days. Football was a very popular choice! Towards the end of week 5 we looked at persuasive techniques and wrote points for debate as to whether children should wear uniforms or not.
In year 4 we looked at information texts; with a focus on music. We wrote a brief explanation of our favourite instrument and then studied examples to identify important features. Our grammar focus was conjunctions (connectives) and how to extend our sentences. We then looked at a text in detail to come up with questions that have been answered in that text, and how to write in full sentences which was very difficult. At the end of week 5 we looked at persuasive writing and really built up our knowledge of sentence ideas for this topic. We then used this to write a persuasive letter to the head teacher!
In Maths, both classes have been working on addition, subtraction and shapes. Year 3 learnt how to use a number line and frog for the first time for subtraction, whilst year 4 used column method and what happens when we have to borrow tens or hundreds. Shapes was an interesting topic and both classes were able to make 3D shapes. Year 3 used nets and looked at 3D shape features, whilst year 4 made 3D shapes using plasticine and sticks. This really helped to identify vertices, faces and edges.
In History, we looked at the Ancient Egyptian timeline and we used our knowledge of nets from Maths to make 3D mummies and coffins. This was in preparation to learning about the process of mummification. We watched a step by step video and discussed each step in detail. Next week we will mummify a doll using the steps we remembered!

Friday 30th September I was in Madrid on a training course about reading and writing. I was very proud and happy to hear that my class behaved very well whilst I was away! Well done year 3 and 4!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love Miss Tammy ☺

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