Hello parents old and new!
We´ve come to the end of a busy week but we are now very settled and becoming more organised. These first few days have been used to organise materials, get to know everybody, set rules and expectations in the school and class, base line assessments and we have started to kick off our learning journey for this year. Check this short video of some of the moments from day 1!

Both classes have settled in fantastically and have bonded really well with each other. The behaviour expectations have been set high, and I have been really impressed with everybody´s attitude for the year. Our class rules, which we wrote together and demonstrated our best handwriting, included: raising your hand to speak, being kind to others, always trying your best and of course…to have fun!

Throughout the week we have done a mixture of base line assessments and class work to start off our beginning units. Presentation has been a very important thing to master this week, making sure we use our best handwriting and write the date and learning objective in the correct way at the start of every lesson. In English and Maths we have dived straight in with our learning, which has started with place value in Maths, and instruction writing in English. Both classes are covering the same themes at the moment, but at different levels based on previous learning and capabilities. We have started our learning in Geography with Rainforests, and touched upon Egypt as our topic in History.

Every week, a roundup of what we have learnt in class will be sent to ensure that you know exactly what your amazing children have been learning. On Fridays, homework and spelling words will be sent home to be checked the following week. Children will be praised for bringing in their homework and marks will be given for spelling tests. Reading books will be given out during the following week. The children will read at least once in school, and are expected to read at home at least three times a week. Please mark in their reading record which pages have been read. It is very important that the children fully understand what they are reading. Children will change books and levels if they can both read fluently and understand what they are reading about. So please encourage your child to explain what the story is about. I will check the diaries regularly, and will write any important information inside. This can include any thing that has happened during the day; both positive and negative. Please also check this regularly and let me know of anything I should be aware of.

I hope you have all had a great summer and I am really excited to start the year with this fantastic class.
Let the learning, memories and smiles commence!
Love Miss Tammy ☺

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