Hello parents!
What an exciting week we’ve had!
In History, we mummified! We read and followed the instructions we had put in order for homework, and mummified Mr Raimon at the back of the class. After each step, we went back to our tables and did the same steps to our own dolls. Next week we will convert our shoe boxes into coffins to finish our mini project. The class have super knowledge about mummifying and would have made fab Ancient Egyptians!
In English, year 3 have been working hard on extending their sentences using conjunctions to improve their writing. We focused on using and, so and because. As an extension, they also used their knowledge of adjectives to further extend the sentences. Towards the end of the week, we also looked at synonyms for said. Some examples we used in sentences were shouted, whispered and replied.
In year 4, we focused on speech. We started to use speech bubbles, and then used this text to create a dialogue. We used our knowledge of 66 and 99 from last year, but learnt new tips like leaving a new line and using punctuation before the 99. We also looked at synonyms for said and the use of adverbs.
In Maths, we have been improving our mental maths skills for addition and subtraction using our place value knowledge to help with this. Year 4 are now able to work quite quickly using their calculating brains. I’m so impressed! Year 3 have improved a lot this week and we will continue to improve this over the year.
On Thursday we went on a whole school excursion to Catalunya miniature and the adventure park. Overall, we had great behaviour from the class. It was really nice to walk around mini Catalunya and share experiences of places we have been to and would like to go to. Everybody worked fantastically hard as a team in the adventure park during the obstacle course, and were very brave! I was also so pleased that the children used their knowledge learnt in Geography for rainforests, to identify the different layers in the forest, without me saying anything! A lovely link they made!

Take a look at the photos from the trip!
There will be a video coming soon of our mummifying journey too, I will keep you updated!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love Miss Tammy ☺

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