Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup

Dear Parents,

Most of this week has been spent rounding off our topics and finishing off any outstanding work before the summer holidays begin…….

The Nursery children have now been taught all of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and a couple of them are even attempting to blend two or three letters together to read words!

We have finally opened our much anticipated Dinosaur Museum in the classroom. We did not open it at the end of last term as I had originally planned as you may remember in the three weeks leading up to the Easter holidays most of the children were off sick for some or all of that time and then I was not in school the week before the holiday! The children are enjoying it no less despite the delay and it has been a good opportunity to observe how much they have remembered about dinosaurs and to review recognition of coins (Nursery) and making different totals with coins to pay for things (Reception).

The children do not know it yet but on Wednesday afternoon this coming week we are going to go on an imaginary journey to somewhere in space (they will choose where) and when we get there we are going to have a space party. Can I please ask all parents to contribute something to either eat or drink for our space picnic and if possible could you please make it space themed? Please send your contributions to school with your child on Wednesday morning. We will spend Monday and Tuesday “planning” the trip and making the rocket or spaceship to get us there.

Next week I will send the children’s folders with their work from this school year home and I will also be sending a booklet of activities for your child to do over the summer. The summer homework is optional and please feel free to spend as much (or as little!) time on it as you wish. The most important thing that you could do to help your child over the summer is to make sure that they have regular opportunities to speak in English.

They are a wonderful group of children and I have very much enjoyed teaching them. Have a great summer everyone and thank you in advance for your contributions towards our space party.

Miss Claire

We finally opened our Interactive Dinosaur Museum this week. It was originally going to be opened two weeks before the Easter break, but most of the class were sick for some or all of these two weeks! Activities include; giant dinosaur puzzles, excavating dinosaur bones, you can view a scale model of the meteorite that hit Earth millions of years ago and killed the dinosaurs and rebuild a dinosaur skeleton using a bone map to help you just like a real paleontologist would (this is not as easy as it looks)!







 Outdoor play; the dolls were very popular on this particular day; fine motor control practice through pouring and transferring water, building a boat or is it a spaceship?
 Good shot! P1050438
Spaceships for astronauts and aliens…
Junk models completed this week- lots of cool stuff. 

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