Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup

Dear Parents,

Many of the children are enjoying having the opportunity to make a junk model of their choice and interest levels in this activity continue to be high. We now have some completed models, some interesting models in progress and there are some children who are still waiting patiently for their turn. As well as giving the children a good opportunity to practice the skills and techniques that they have learnt this year in adult-led design and technology projects, they are also expressing themselves, being creative and utilising many other important skills such as organising themselves, thinking ahead, problem solving and recognising when they do and do not need to ask for help.

In Literacy we have continued to read books about space and talk about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts, and we have learnt some facts about space and the planets. We have also been learning about space travel, the work that astronauts do and how they live and survive in space.

The Nursery children are continuing to make good progress with learning their sounds and we have now covered the letters; s, a, t, i, p, z, m, j, n, c, k, e, h, r, d, g, o, u, l, h, b, w, v, y.

The Reception children have completed some Mathematics and Reading tests this week. They have all done very well and I am very proud of them.

This week was Environment Week so linking to our topic of Transport we talked about the link between engines, petrol fumes, pollution and global warming in very simple terms and talked specifically about the North and South Poles melting and rivers drying up as a result of this, leading to polar bears, penguins, fish and other animals losing their homes.

We discussed what we could do to try to help or slow down global warming and these are the ideas that the children had:

* Walk, cycle, skateboard or rollerblade short distances instead of using the car.

* Use trains or buses for longer journeys.

* Try to avoid using domestic flights; go in the car or by train or bus instead.

We now have a toy bus in the classroom as a result of these discussions. The children are enjoying using it for role play and imaginary trips, and many of them have said that they would like to go on a real bus more often!

I also explained to them about the importance of looking after and not wasting trees because they help to clean the air, as well as providing homes for other living things and shade for us. To help to save trees the children agreed that we should:

* Take care of books then they need to be replaced less often.

* Not waste paper.

* Recycle or reuse newspapers and cardboard packaging.

* Plant new trees to replace the ones that need to be cut down.

Suggestions for activities at home:

* Talk about any non-fiction books you may have at home and their common features. Read any stories you may have about the planets, stars, the moon or space.

* Try to be environmentally friendly (even if it’s just for a day or a weekend) and leave the car at home. If you have a garden and sufficient room maybe you could plant a new tree. Encourage your child to participate in recycling household waste, talk about what happens to different types of rubbish and make them aware that certain types of rubbish, e.g. plastic bags are so much more harmful to the environment than others, e.g. food waste. Ask the question, “Do we need to throw it away or could we use it again?”

* The British astronaut Tim Peake returned to earth this weekend after 187 days living and working on the international space station.

Find out more about him together with your child. There is actual footage of him landing back on earth online.

* Challenge your child to build and decorate a model or a sculpture out of nothing but recycled and/or natural materials then send it in to school or take a photograph of it to show to the rest of the class.

Thank you

Miss Claire

T baked this cake at home all by himself to share with his friends on his saint’s day – sweet!
Independent junk modelling, using the techniques that they have learnt throughout the year independently; completed models (two boats and a dinosaur), a T-rex and a princess in progress.
Enjoying the live band from Harrogate, England, who came to entertain us on Wednesday afternoon.
Singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” as part of our work on environment week (using public transport is better for the environment).
Going for an imaginary day out to Sitges with our babies on the bus (all the children’s idea)!

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