Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup

Hello again.

As the end of year comes closer, the timetable is changing and becoming more flexible…we’ve just completed our last full week at school!

The children will be coming home with their work from this year and we are trying to enjoy the last few weeks as much as possible.

This week’s main focus has been getting our final assessments completed and finishing off work. They’ve worked super hard to complete the tests, even though it is nearly summer and it’s getting very warm, and we’re all looking forward to finding out the results.

Our Olympic games ceremony is coming along very nicely and I´m so proud of how much effort my class put in to rehearsing and striving to achieve the best they can! The competition winners were chosen for the invitation…well done Victor and Lucia! We are currently creating the final invitation, combined with their ideas, and it will be sent out on Monday. We are also lucky enough to be visiting the Olympic stadium in Barcelona the day after, too! The kids are so excited and I know they are going to love it. The excursion is on Wednesday 29th June. Please bring back the permission slip and money as soon as possible.

Talking about excursions, I would like to congratulate the children on their fantastic behaviour. There wasn’t one single problem and they really did me, themselves and Richmond proud. We had an interesting walk around the museum and amphitheatre, then had a lovely time at the beach afterwards!

We had a lovely afternoon watching a band form England on Wednesday, and the children loved talking to the members & getting their autographs. We also managed to successfully surprise Raimon with a Birthday card to show how much we appreciate his help with our dances and mixing music for Richmond’s Got Talent and our Olympic ceremony.

As we are now sailing at the end of the week, homework was not given today. An Olympic-related task will be given to the children on Monday, to link alongside our topic and the excursion.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend

and see you all again on Monday.

Tammy x

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