Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup

Dear Parents,

We have finally finished painting our junk model castles and they look fantastic! They are on display in the classroom if you’d like to see them.

The junk modelling area is now open to any child who would like to make any model they wish. Many of the children are enthusiastic about this and it also gives them a good opportunity to practice the skills and techniques that they have learnt this year in adult-led design and technology projects.

In Literacy we have been reading books about space and talking about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts.

The Nursery children are continuing to make good progress with learning their sounds and we have now covered the letters; s, a, t, i, p, z, m, j, n, c, k, e, h, r, d, g, o, u, l, h, b.

The Reception children are still working on the long vowel sounds; ai, ee, ie, oa, ue; practicing hearing or spelling words that contain these graphemes and the alternative spellings. They are also learning to spell the tricky words.

In Numeracy we have been working on counting and recognising numbers up to 20 (6 for most of Nursery) and mentally adding or subtracting one or two (one/two more and one/two less).

As a follow on from testing our boats in week 8 we have been investigating objects which float or sink when we put them into water.

We have been looking at pictures of old and new types of transport and have been learning more about the first trains and the progress of rail travel in non-fiction books.

This week (week 10) was healthy eating week. We talked a lot about healthy eating before Christmas when we read the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” so we revised and I am delighted about how much they have remembered. As a general guide:

If it comes from plants (fruit, vegetables, rice, bread, cereals, lentils, beans) then we need a lot.

If it comes from animals (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt) then we need some.

If it has sugar or fat in (sweets, cake, fizzy drinks, biscuits, crisps) then we don’t need it at all and should eat only a little.

We also played some games about the origins of animal food products and learnt a song about healthy eating as part of healthy eating week.

Suggestions for activities at home:

* Talk about any non-fiction books you may have at home and their common features.

* When you are out in the street or in the car talk about the names of the vehicles that you can see (in English if possible) and which vehicles we see a lot of and which are more unusual.

* Count on and back from 0 to 20 (10 for Nursery) and ask your child what is one/two more. Take a set of toys (or anything else) add or take away one then ask your child how many there are now (they may need to use their fingers to help them).

* Talk about your meals at home. Where does the food come from? Is it healthy?

* Build models at home with building kits or old boxes and talk about the shapes you used to build the model and which shapes don’t work, e.g. wheels need to be round so they can roll, castles towers are cylinders, bricks are rectangles, etc.

Thank you

Miss Claire

Enjoying our number work




Independent junk modelling 




Enjoying the first swimming session of the year

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