Years 1 & 2 Weekly Roundup

Another great week for us, we have now begun to start our preparations for the end of year. The children have reached the end of their learning journey this year and are now reviewing to get ready for end of year exams next week.

In maths we have been practicing our multiplications and also re-familiarising ourselves with word problems in order to be ready for our maths exam on Monday.

In literacy the children have been reviewing their English skills and also undertaken many reading comprehensions in order to prepare for their English on Wednesday. I am very pleased with both year groups as they have shown just how hard they have worked this year.

Last week was healthy eating week and in science they have been looking at their favourite meals and working out how they can change them into a healthier option. This has been very eye opening for them as they now know how the food they eat affects their bodies.

In topic the children have been learning how to create maps and took part in a treasure hunt using the maps they made. They had a lot of fun and learned how to make their maps detailed and effective. Well done guys!

On Friday we went swimming and the children had a great time. They were very well behaved, as always.

We are looking forward to our excursion next week and the children are very excited. They will get the opportunity to expand their knowledge on explorers and archaeologists and also gain new knowledge about the Romans who played a very important part in history.

We have also been practicing for our class assembly which will take place on the last day of term. I will confirm the time next week.

Looking forward to another fabulous week.

Miss Emma xx

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