Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup

This week was Healthy Eating Week and we looked at this theme in PSHE and Topic. In PSHE the children really enjoyed an activity called: Feed the Family – food choices in UK and Zambia. The children needed to think about making good food choices, incorporating budgeting skills. In groups they took the part of UK or Zambian families and learned how poverty can affect nutrition.

In Topic we completed an activity sheet called ‘Ingredients of the Shang Dynasty’. We decided whether they were healthy and then children who had eaten them described how they tasted to the rest of the class. We also displayed our clay versions of bronze vessels along with a summary describing the function of the vessel.

In Literacy we continued with our unit on dialogue and conversational poems. We defined a pronoun and understood that a range of pronoun types existed. We identified the characters in two dialogue poems.

We prepared a case for each of the two main characters to use in a court case. We studied the use of the perfect verb form, identified the extended form of the contracted words and ‘translated’ the dialect vocabulary used.

In Numeracy this week we completed a selection of problem solving activities including a Murder

Maths which the children always enjoy, called ‘Mother’s Day Dilemma’.

In Science Year 6 took a closer look at micro-organisms – from Monera, Protista & Fungi Kingdoms. We also discussed whether or not viruses are living. We found out that some cause diseases, but that they can be very useful too.

Year 5 completed an activity booklet on Properties and changes of materials.

I hope you have had a lovely and relaxing week-end.

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