Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup

It´s been an exciting week in year 3 and 4, which was finished off with a lovely time at the beach for sailing, play and much more!

This week, we got well under way with planning our Olympic games. We made a start on our opening ceremony performance, created our teams and started to make some props. Parents will be invited to the event on Tuesday 28th June during the morning. We are currently choosing a winning invitation which the children designed, which will be sent home with all of the information on.

We’ve had a poetry focus in English for both year groups; Year 3 looked at calligrams and year 4 looked at limericks. Year 3 created their own based on an animal, and looked at writing creatively with adjectives, adverbs and similes. Year 4 looked at the structure of limericks and performed some that we read in class.

Next week we have our final maths exam so we have been revising this week. The children have written a revision list and their only homework this week is to prepare for the exam which will be on Wednesday.

As this week has been healthy eating week in school, we have spoken a lot about foods we should and shouldn´t eat a lot of and the affects these have on our bodies. The children then designed a healthy eating poster.

I would like to say well done to year 4 who presented their tv show of how sound works to year 1. They acted really professional, and showed how much they have learnt this term with their topic. Well done!

Year 3 have now completed their game which will use magnets and there are some really nice designs.

Tammy J

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