Years 3 and 4 Weekly Roundup


What a lovely first week back after half term. The children loved explaining what they had been up to and were keen to get back in to working hard. Well done to those who brought in memories, posters and photos of their adventures!



Both classes have been looking at persuasive writing. Year 3 had a toy focus, and picked out advertising features of English toy adverts. They then used this to help them create their own persuasive poster. Year 4 looked at zoos and focused on the argument whether or not they are a good thing.



Year 3 looked at doubling and halving, and using this knowledge to divide and times by 4. We also looked at dividing by other numbers ad how our times tables can help us with that. Well done to those who mastered doing this with remainders too!

Year 4 also looked at times tables and learnt their 7 times tables through another song – their favourite maths lessons! This times tables is to the famous cup song so a we had some ‘professionals’ teach the others in the class how to do the cup movement.



Year 3 are beginning to create their own game using magnets. We discussed how magnets can be used and they began their plan.

Year 4 are currently planning a children’s TV programme for Years 1 and 2 to explain how sound travels.


We started a new topic! THE OLYMPICS! The children are really excited with this, and have already learnt a lot. We looked at some basic facts which included how often they are held, where they first began, where they will be this year and some of the symbols.



MATHS – Children have a times table related worksheet and word search- 6 times for year 3 and 6 and 7 times tables for year 4.

TOPIC – Children have a work sheet which they should use the internet to help them answer. Year 3 are finding facts about Brazil (this year’s Olympic host country) and Year 4 will compare Brazil to Spain.

Love, Miss Tammy J

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