The Run Against Hunger

What a fantastic event – for so many reasons.

Firstly, and most importantly, it was an opportunity for the students to do something tangible to help people in Haiti who are in desperate circumstances. We at Richmond believe that it’s vitally important for children to develop a sense of caring and giving, to be generous with their time, resources, and talents.

It also provided the kids with a real sense of achievement – and many were able to achieve more than they had ever anticipated. Before the race I overheard one boy say that he was hoping to be able to run 8 laps around the track – he ran 17.

The children, moreover, had a great time. There was little sense of competition but a great deal of comradery, and as you’ll see from the photos there were a lot of smiling faces. Some of the teachers and parents even got in on the act, as you’ll see.

So thanks so much to all of the teachers and facilitators who helped out with this event, and a special (huge) thanks to Miss Valeria, who set this whole thing in motion, got it up and running, and guided it through to the end.


Believe it or not, we have loads more photos from the day, so stay tuned for another post soon.

Well done, Richmond kids, well done.

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