Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup

Hello everybody!

We´ve had a great week and settled back easily from colonias. I would like to say well done to everybody for their great behaviour!

As a treat for this, and linked to our new topic, we will be baking and decorating gingerbread men in school next week (Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May). The ingredients will be provided by school, however children should bring decorations. Things like icing sugar and chocolates are perfect!


folk-talesYear 4 have looked at a variety of sentences and read some African stories. They retold them with notes made really well! For homework, children should identify complex sentences and choose suitable connectives.

Year 3 have continued to look at play scripts and created a plan for their own which will be linked to school. They are really excited for this! For homework, children should continue the play script given to them, remembering how to set out speech in a play script.


fractions decimalsYear 4 looked at a variety of fractions and decimals, and how to compare and order these. They also began at converting these. For homework, children should fill out the blanks of converting fractions to decimals, and shade in the appropriate boxes.

Year 3 are now very secure with using column addition to add and subtract amounts. Fantastic! We also looked at finding change which was previously difficult for them but they have now secured this knowledge using frog to count up. I´m so proud! There homework is finding change using frog on a worksheet similar to one completed in class.


LikePolesYear 4 have continued discovered how sounds were made and we focused on what vibrates to give us sound. Year 3 investigated how magnets work and which materials are magnetic, and those that aren’t. We also began to look at the different poles a magnet has.

Have a great weekend and week!

Miss Tammy 🙂

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