Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup

As I write this shorter weekly review I am thinking of Year 5 having a great time on Colonias. I am looking forward to seeing their scrapbooks they were given as homework to complete as a memory of their experience.

While Year 5 have been away Year 6 have been busy revising for SATS by completing past English and Maths papers. For homework they have these to finish.


Carl Linnaeus

In Science we talked about Carl Linnaeus as the ‘father of classification’ We found out how he simplified and unified the naming of living things using a binomial Latin system which is still used today. He even classified unicorns and dragons!

The children also practiced using a variety of classification keys. They were then given a group of animals and asked to devise their own classification key. This produced some interesting and imaginative results.

We also completed our Mother’s Day presents of Ancient Chinese scripts.

On that note I will finish by wishing you have a very Happy Mother’s Day and a lovely and relaxing week-end.

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