Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup


It´s been a busy week practising for Richmond´s Got Talent but I’m so proud to say…WE WON! The children performed the best they ever did and are definitely very happy.

We also gained some new members of the class…we now have some tadpoles! Unfortunately, they all haven´t survived but there are still a few who have now been moved in to a larger tank. It will be very interesting to watch the life cycle and the children are very excited. Thank you Lucia!



In Year 3 we started our new topic of play scripts. We looked at an example and identified and labelled features. There was a lot of new vocabulary to learn and we paid close attention to the stage directions to help tone of voice and position, and to remember not to read this aloud.

In Year 4, we wrote our own story based on Mr Stink. The children carefully planned, wrote, and then peer-marked and corrected others.


Both classes should complete a theatre review of the great assembly held by Years 5/6. They can choose either Shakespeare play to write about.




Year 3 recapped doubling and halving numbers, and worked on their 2,3,5 and 10x tables. We then moved on to using the grid method to multiply 1 digit numbers by two digit numbers. They worked super hard this week!


Children should complete the half-filled multiplication grid, remembering they can flip the multiplication round to help them.

Year 4 continued to secure their knowledge of column addition and subtraction. They then learnt tricks to add and subtract mentally using near multiples. We then finished off the week looking at two or more-step word problems.


Children answer provided word problems, showing working out using the column method.


In Year 3 the children planned and carried out an investigation to see how different materials cause friction.


Children should identify if a push, pull or both forces are used, and where.


In Year 4 we completed the project of making a circuit, and talked about insulators and conductors. They were able to explain why there is plastic around the wires and why some circuits work with certain materials included, and others not.


Children should draw the circuit with the provided symbols.


We looked at the 5 pillars of Islam and talked about what they are, and what they mean to Muslims. Some children then made giant 3D pillars which we will then use to display our knowledge on.




Don’t forget that next Wednesday we will go on our residential trip! Children who are not attending will stay at home. With this in mind, the homework is not due until the following Friday (7th May). Extra credit will be given to those children who decide to create a scrapbook, diary entry, or poster of their time spent at camp or at home.

Children have been told not to bring any electronic devices on the residential trip. They are allowed to bring a disposable camera. Each child wrote a list of things to bring as a useful reminder.

Love Miss Tammy.

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