Weekly Roundup Years 1 & 2

Hello everyone,

Once again we have had a great week in Years 1 and 2. The children have been performing some drama pieces relating to the stories they are studying in literacy. They have made a fantastic effort and have been very successful.

We are looking forward to participating in a story writing competition in England, and the children have begun preparations.

We began a new topic this term and the children have been investigating Queen Elizabeth 1 and also Queen Victoria. They have found this fascinating as it has given them the chance to compare their lives now with those of the past.

We had a very enjoyable trip to the book fair and the children had the opportunity to browse the books and purchase ones that excited them. A big thanks to Mr Hall for organising the event. The children were very well behaved and had a great time.

2099-10-23 11.39.49

Friday this week we learned about an event that we will all be taking part in that will help raise money for the people of Haiti. This is a fantastic cause and has given the children a real sense of charity and compassion for their fellow human beings that are less fortunate than them.

We are now looking forward to Colonias and I have no doubt that it will be as successful, if not more so, than last year.

A huge well done to Years 1 and 2 for another fantastic week and let’s begin the count- down to Richmond’s Got Talent. The children have worked very hard and I have a feeling we will have the best performance of the whole school.

Fantastic weeks Year 1 and 2!

Miss Emma xxx

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