A Fencing Exhibition at Richmond

Last Friday the school was fortunate to have a visit from Santi and Adria, from the Sala d’Armes Garraf, which is a fencing club and school in Vilanova.

After showing the students the different types of fencing swords and going through the basics of technique, the two donned their gear and gave a brief demonstration.

Fencing is a wonderful sport, which promotes working toward a goal – both in victory and defeat, good sportsmanship, agility – both mental and physical, character building, and self improvement. As the Sala d’Armes Garraf says on its website, “Fencing combines the strategy of chess, the elegance of ballet, and the strength of martial arts.”

If you are interested in getting your children involved in fencing, please feel free to contact the Sala d’Armes Garraf, and if enough families wish to become involved, we could even look into setting up a fencing club here at Richmond.

Thanks again to Santi and Adria for their visit!

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