Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup

shakespeare partyThis week we continued our rehearsals for our Shakespeare plays that we will perform in celebration of his 400th birthday.

These performances will take place on Friday the 22nd April at 3.30pm.

An important question for Year 6 parents. Do you have any kilts or tartan skirts that could be used as costumes for our play ‘Macbeth’?

In Literacy we finished our unit of work on Information texts and then completed some written tasks as assessment items.

For homework Year 5 have one of these to complete.

Year 6 have a practice SATS paper.

Congratulations to Marti in Year 5 for winning the Bookmark competition for the book fair. He won a book as well as the ‘Diary of a Whimpy Kid’ book that he purchased. I hope the children will bring the books they bought at the fair and enjoy reading them at the start of Literacy lessons.

In Numeracy Year 5 understood that percentages are parts of 100 and then used the unitary method to find simple percentages. They also added and subtracted fractions including mixed numbers and multiplied and divided fractions. the-percentages-pack-4-638

For homework they have some percentage problems and worded number problems to solve.

Year 6 also used the unitary method to find simple percentages. Added and subtracted fractions including mixed numbers and multiplied and divided fractions.

For homework they continue to complete their revision questions in preparation for the SATS.

In topic the children enjoyed decoding and translating transcriptions from the time of the Shang Dynasty.

chinese calligraphyIn a cross curricular activity where they had to apply their skills of using a compass and protractor they also enjoyed creating a Shang cyclic calendar with Chinese characters of this period in time.

In Science Year 5 continued to look at properties and changes in materials. They used filtering and sieving techniques to try to separate soil and to clean dirty water. We will continue with these separating experiments next week in Science.

In Year 6 we talked about the classification of plants and animals and completed an alien classification key as an example. classification

Have a lovely and relaxing week-end and look forward to seeing you next Monday.

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