The Run Against Hunger

DSC_0311He asked them: Have you ever been hungry? And, of course, everyone answered ‘yes.’

Yes, we’ve all been hungry – at some point in every day, in fact.

But what the wonderful representative from Accion Contra el Hambre was able to get across to the children, is that there are millions – billions – of children around the world who suffer from a hunger, a malnutrition, that could never be imagined by the rest of us in the relatively affluent world.

A simple tape measure. He took it out and measured the biceps of Eric. While no Hercules, Eric’s arm muscles indicated that he was in the ‘green’ zone – a healthy child. Our rep from ACF International then showed what the arm of an under-nourished Haitian might look like. At the age of 8, it might be smaller around than a 2 Euro coin. The children were astonished.

So. On Wednesday, the 25th of May, Richmond is participating in La Carrera Contra El Hambre, a race against hunger that will raise money to help children in Haiti – many the same age as the participants – to escape a slow and horrible death by giving them the food calories they need to survive.

We encourage all parents and students to take part in this important event. Not only to help the children of Haiti – which has (in addition to bad governance, horrific resource depletion, and general neglect) been rocked not long ago by a terrible earthquake that left much of the country’s already lamentable infrastructure in ruins – but to sow a sense of generosity and solidarity with people around the world who are far less fortunate.

When asked what might happen to people when an earthquake hit, one child mentioned that their I-Pad might no longer work. The answer was funny, and we all laughed, but it demonstrated such a disconnect from the realities of life in a place such as Haiti that it was sad at the same time.

Yes, we’d like to raise as much money as possible to help the people of Haiti and those less fortunate around the world, but what this event is meant to foster is a deeper understanding of the wider world in which we live, as well as a sense of solidarity not only within the school, but with the people for whom I-Pads are the stuff of fantasy and who travel six hours a day to collect a bit of water – the stuff that gushes freely – hot and cold – from out taps.

The idea is to plant a seed. A seed that may one day grown into a tree that nourishes us all. So let’s all get behind this worthwhile effort and show that Richmond is a school that cares.

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