Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup


JackThe class have settled back in to classes this week after last week’s trip and drama workshop! As the class have worked well so far this year, they were able to choose their last topic they will study. This term’s topic will be called “Once Upon a Time!” The children are really looking forward to it! We watched a short video explaining the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and the children were able to use descriptive language to describe the giant.


In year 3, we started to work on an adventure story called “The Tunnel”. We worked on how to use our voice to engage listeners, and how punctuation affects how we read. We also practiced using different voices for characters, and which words to look out for that tell us which tone of voice to use. The children did a good job of acting out the story too!



We have also continued to look at adjectives and adverbs as they will really help to improve the writing from the children. I’m happy that they are beginning to use these more frequently in their writing now!


The children have to change adjectives into adverbs using the tip they learnt and wrote at the top of the homework. ADD “LY” BUT IF THE ADJECTIVE ENDS IN A “Y”, CHANGE IT TO AN “I” AND THEN ADD “LY”.

In Year 4, we began to look at humorous stories. We listened to a recording of the first chapter of David Walliam’s story, Mr Stink. The children have been working hard to use the correct language to write descriptively, and to show humour. There has been a big push on adjectvies, adverbs and similes! They also made notes to predict what might have happened before the story, which will help with writing next week.david-walliams-fave-characters_mrstink


The children have to create a new character for a story they will write soon. They should give it a name, draw a picture, and use the word bank to help them create a character description.


Both classes have been looking at place value, placing numbers on number lines, and rounding up and down. They both did number investigations to find out different facts using their place value knowledge.



In year 3, the children have to place the given two-digit number on a number line, put the closest hundred on either side, and then circle the one the given number rounds up or down to.

In year 4, the children have to round a variety of small and large given numbers, up or down to the nearest ten.


In year 3 the children took part in an experiment to see how shadows are made, and how the shadow can be changed. They used opaque, classroom objects to block the light, and measuring equipment to see how the distance of the light source would change the size of the shadow.


In year 4 we drew, labelled and made complete circuits. The children are beginning to plan their project of making a complete circuit with a design of their own choice.


The Book Fair will be held on Thursday 14th April. A great opportunity to stock up on books. The children have an envelope in their diaries to bring the money in.


I would like to congratulate the children on their re-run of their assembly. The children worked really hard considering we planned and rehearsed it in two weeks.

Also, here is a photo of the children who completed each part of their homework, every week for the whole of the Spring Term! Well done, you superstars!


Miss Tammy J

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