“The Valley of Screams,” by Cristina, Year 7

Year 7 have nearly completed their travel writing unit. As part of their unit, they have been looking at John Manderville’s (who wrote barely believable stories during the fourteenth century) Travel Stories. Cristina Puigdemont produced this excellent imitation of Manderville’s style. Well done Cristina!

The Valley of Screams

A little way from the Andes there is a perilous valley, just beneath the mountain. A long valley, six miles long. They call it the Valley of Screams.

In this valley there are often hideous, black, heavy clouds covering the sun. You can hear tempests from the mountain, surrounding the valley by day and night. This valley is full of dreadful screams, and people say its screams are so awful, they hypnotize you, making you mad. Others say, you can hear the child, crying.

In the middle of the valley , there’s a rock. You can see hand marks in fresh blood. Underneath, you can see a hammer. There is no man that would not be terrified to see it. They say that no man comes out again.


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