Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup

tempestIn Week 2 of Term 3 we continued to practice the Shakespeare plays for our Assembly at 3.30 pm on the 22nd of April.

I hope by next week the children will have learnt their lines and no longer need the use of a script.

As a cross curricular project in Art we are designing and making the props for the plays.

In Literacy we continued our unit of work on Information texts. We also completed an enjoyable activity on matching synonyms and identifying the formal and informal versions.

For homework the children have a cross curricular research task with topic to complete. They have been given a picture of a bronze object from the Shang Dynasty and a web address from the British Museum where they can find out information about their object.

shang dynasty bronze

In our topic on the Shang Dynasty we looked at Chinese writing and the children enjoyed forming the different letters and understanding the meaning of them.

In Numeracy Year 5 read Roman numerals to 1000, revised 2-place decimals, introduced 3-place decimals, multiplied and divided decimals by whole numbers and multiplied and divided by 10, 100, 1000, including metric conversions.

For homework the children need to complete an activity on Roman Numerals.

roman numerals

Year 6 are revising and as part of this also multiplied and divided decimals by whole numbers and multiplied and divided by 10, 100, 1000, including metric conversions.

They also have practice exam questions to complete in class and as part of their homework.

In Science Year 5 continued to look at properties and changes in materials. They were introduced to solubility as another property of materials. They learnt the rather confusing terminology related to it and carried out several investigations to find out more about this property.

In Science Year 6 finished the topic on light from last term, by looking at reflection and refraction. They drew scientific ray diagrams to represent both of these processes. They also constructed a pinhole camera and are at present trying to modify the design to try and make it work.


Just a reminder that there is a Book Fair on next Thursday the 14th April.

I hope you’ve had a lovely and relaxing weekend.

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