Years 5 & 6 Weekly Update

This first week of Term 3 ended on a high when Damien and his Dad surprised us with a lovely present of some amazing fossils. They had collected them on a hike during the Easter break and there was one for all of Year 5 and Year 6, including me! …. A big thank-you to Damien and his Dad Matthew for thinking of us.

Richmond April 1, 2016 040

In Literacy we have started Term 3 learning about Information texts. With a close relationship to Topic and Science we looked at examples of information texts related to the Stone Age.

For homework the children need to read a text and then from the information given create a list of Stone Age animals.

stone age animals

In Numeracy the children placed negative numbers on lines, used column addition and subtraction, solved multi-step word problems, used knowledge of four operations to reason and solve puzzles, understood and used place value in numbers with up to 7 digits.

For homework the children have an activity sheet on numbers to complete.

In Science Year 5 – in their new topic – are looking at properties and changes in materials. This week we revised features of states of matter: solid, liquid & gas. We also discussed properties of materials such as transparency and magnetism.


In Science Year 6 we are still finishing our topic on light from last term, studying sight in this session. We found out that objects are seen because they give out (light source) or reflect light into our eyes.

We started studying a fascinating topic and learning all about The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We will discover key information about the formation of the Shang Dynasty and the kings who ruled it. We will learn all about everyday life, the music, cities and settlements, and the process of worship in this early civilisation and the development of writing.

shang dynasty

This week we looked at the timeline of the dynasty and for homework the children need to research one of the kings from this time.

We are now in full rehearsal mode for our Shakespeare plays as part of a celebration of his Birthday and St. Jordi’s Day.

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