Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup

Just to give you a quick update on what´s been happening in year 3 and 4 before the Easter break.

I am very pleased to say that the children worked super hard and showed great progress in their maths tests, as everybody in both classes are achieving what they should be for their age, or above. Super!!


Their writings are now becoming more exciting and their vocabulary is developing. We recently looked at diary entries in Year 3 from both animal and human perspectives. Year 4 looked at recounts and produced a great scrapbook of fears which is displayed in the class. This learning helped us to develop the past tense and time connectives.

In maths, both classes looked at time. This is a difficult topic to understand so please encourage your children to tell the time at home and work out time intervals.

We have been working hard producing a class assembly to finish off out topic of Space. The children have had great ideas to contribute and have put a lot of effort in to learning songs and words. Adults are welcome to watch on Thursday 31st March at 9:15am.

Easter homework.

Only a light bit of homework is set for the Easter holidays as the children have worked very hard. Each year group has a differentiated place value worksheet, a worksheet to complete about what they have done in their Easter holidays, and they should draw/craft/create some art work of one of the planets or the sun which can be displayed in class and used in the assembly.


Important dates.

Tuesday 29th March – Drama workshop

Thursday 31st March – Class assembly

Friday 1st April – Monserrat trip

Thank you for your cooperation this term and well done children for all of your hard work. We hope you like the Father´s Day cards and space globes! Have a relaxed break and let’s do the same again next term!


Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, Miss Tammy J

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