Useful Websites for Young Kids

crickwebHere are some really useful home learning websites that you and your kids can check out. It’s worthwhile over the holiday to have the children keep in practice with the activities on these sites, and I think that they’ll enjoy them as well.


On this website you can find interactive games and questions in many areas of the curriculum such as: English (literacy), Maths (numeracy) and Science. Hover the mouse over Key Stage 2 at the top, and the different subject areas will appear.


This covers all areas of the Maths curriculum. Simply choose a topic at the top and a list of games to play related to this topic will appear.

Oxford Owl. 

Sign up to this website to access 250 free e-books to read online and on your tablet. You can read along at your own pace or listen to a story-teller read for good pronunciation.

BBC Bitesize. 

This website has a variety of explanations, games and quizzes on areas of English, Maths and Science.

E-Learning for Kids

An American website with great activities/lessons linked to many areas of learning: Maths, Science, English, Life skills, Health, Environmental skills and Computer skills.

Spelling City

Enter your spelling words on the left-hand side to create a spelling test. Listen to the words pronounced and in a sentence to gain understanding.

Woodland Resources

Another useful page to find different games to linked to many areas of the curriculum. Click on the lesson you want to practice, and then look under the subheadings for the different activities.

All links have been tested and trialled are really useful to support learning at home. I have chosen sites that suit the curriculum well and are suitable for our class´s needs and interests. Most or all resources are free. Please let me know if there are any problems with links or if you need any extra guidance and I will try my best to help you.

Miss Tammy.

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