Years 5&6 Weekly Roundup

In these weeks where many of the children are skiing we do not follow our normal Friday routine. Here is last week’s review.

In Numeracy, Year 5 found the perimeters of rectangles and composite shapes, and worked out the missing lengths of sides in order to find perimeters. They also found the area of rectangles, including squares and estimated and found the volume of shapes.

Year 6 found the area of triangles and parallelograms. They also recognised that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice versa and worked out the volumes of cubes and cuboids.perimeter of shapes

For homework Year 6 will continue with their SATS revision.

Year 5 have a small activity on finding the area of a triangle for homework.

In Literacy, following on from our work on persuasive writing, we looked at three different factual reports with a common theme of fashion. The children then had to answer questions related to the articles on Language features, Audience and Purpose, Structure and Grammar focus.

This was a perfect introduction to World Book Day, as the children then wrote their own commentary on the book character they had chosen to dress as on the day.

They then paraded and presented their commentary to the other Primary classes in the book day 117

For homework Year 6 will complete a creative writing task, a story about the water colour they have painted in Art.

Year 5 have a cross-curricular project with Science on researching a biome.

Year 5 learnt about biomes in Science. We built on our previous knowledge of the water cycle to create our own functioning biomes where we hope vegetation will soon appear.

In Science Year 6 completed an introductory activity on the words and their meanings associated with light.

In Topic we learnt about Anne Frank and her experience during WW2. We read excerpts from her Diary and then answered questions relating to them.


I hope you had a lovely and relaxing week-end.

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