Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup

In Numeracy, Year 5 and Year 6 used short division to divide 3-digit numbers by single-digit numbers, multiplied pairs of fractions together, divided fractions by whole numbers and used long division to divide 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers.

For homework Year 6 will continue with their SATS revision.

Year 5 have two activities on creating triangles from multiplying and dividing fractions for homework.

In Literacy we continued our unit on Persuasive Writing. We extended our knowledge of persuasive writing techniques to write a persuasive letter on an issue of personal choice.

For homework Year 6 will continue their English SATS revision.

Year 5 will finish their ‘Alien’ creative persuasive writing story.

In Science Year 5 studied the water cycle and learnt about coastal erosion and the impact of the sea on human activity. The children also produced some interesting ways to demonstrate the water cycle.watercycle-f

This was also a cross curricular activity with Literacy in our work on persuasive writing with the children designing their own water pollution poster.

For both Year 5 and Year 6 Churchill’s interest in water colour painting as a hobby will inspire our next Art class. The children will do their own water colour during this time, having already designed it this week.churchill painting

In Science Year 6 shared their knowledge of Charles Darwin through comic strips. We also learnt about plant adaptation looking at the cactus as an example of this. Alessandra kindly brought in one of her cactus from home so we could cut one open to see what the inside revealed. The children then played a game to demonstrate the fight for survival of seeds in different environments.


In Topic we continued our learning of Winston Churchill, the Prime Minster of England during WW2.

Year 5 also completed a cross curricular activity with Numeracy on the little ships of Dunkirk.dunkirk

Next Thursday the 3rd of March is World Book Day and the children have been asked to bring in a book to swap and to come dressed as a favourite book character.


Have a lovely and relaxing week-end.

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