Year 3/4 Weekly Roundup


It´s been a creative week this week, writing our own stories in both classes. Year 3 have based their stories on imaginary worlds after reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and Year 4 wrote stories with a fairy tale style after reading the Princess and the Pea. It´s been difficult remembering the different techniques we have learnt but we sure have worked hard.

worldbookdayThis is feeding well in to the preparation for World Book Day on the 3rd of March, which the children are really looking forward to!

In Maths, both classes have built up on their place value knowledge. Year 3 have focused on money whilst improving these skills, and Year 4 have begun looking at decimal numbers. It´s been a tough few lessons but there have been great improvements. Well done!placevalue

We are now finishing off our Science topics. Year 3 have had such fun with this topic looking at rocks, soil, and the most exciting part…volcanoes! They studied the different parts and features, built their own and then explained and demonstrated the experiment to Year 1/2 and again at the Science Fair! I´m so glad they showed so much enthusiasm!

Year 4 have looked at states of matter which included solids, liquids and gasses. There has been a great deal of discussion during these lessons and the children have presented interesting posters.

Our Space topic is still proving to be a great hit with all of the class! There have been many interesting questions asked, and some fantastic knowledge shared. This week we looked at how and why the moon changes and discovered some new facts about the history of space when completing a space race.moonphases

As some children are going skiing, the dates for homework and spelling tests have changed. New homework will now be given out and checked the next Thursday. Spelling tests will be carried out on a Monday.

Don´t forget to follow our class Instagram! The name is @richmondyear3412754818_10154091916149411_998645470_o

We already have a selection of photos uploaded by the children and the children are enjoying documenting their learning journey. We also linked this new element of our learning to internet safety which we talked about in the previous weeks so the children are enjoying Instagraming safely!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Tammy J

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