Richmond Book Swap Coming Up

childrens-books-d-debyOn the 3rd of March Richmond is celebrating World Book Day by organizing an opportunity for students to exchange their books.

For each book students bring in to exchange, they will receive a token which they can use to get any new book of their choice. Give a book, get a book, it’s as simple as that.

There is no limit on the number of books the kids can bring in (within reason), so comb through those bookcases and find any books that you no longer read, and renew and refresh your collection!

Not only that, but students are encouraged to come to school on that day dressed as their favorite story-book character. A winner will be chosen in each Key Stage group for the best fancy-dress costume, the prize being – you guessed it – a brand new book!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your kids into books and allow them the pleasure of something fresh to read.

The deadline for bringing in books for exchange is Tuesday, March 1. Happy swapping!

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