Collaborative Creative Morning for Year 3 / 4 and 8!

As many children were away from school skiing on Friday, Year 3/4 had a science-filled activity morning which linked well with the Science Fair. This helped to build team-building skills, creativity, enquiry skills and enjoy learning with a hands on approach.

We were very lucky to have the students in Year 8 come to help us too for some great collaborative learning! The children in Year 3/4 were very happy to work together with the older students to spend some time bonding and learning new things, and the Year 8 children were great role models and helped a lot. So well done!!

The morning was split up in to different activities which varied from group singing and dancing, editing and designing to finally putting all of their hard work to test!

The students were split up in to groups and had to create a parachute for an egg. There were points involved for the teams working well together, speaking English, creativity and of course…helping the egg survive the drop!

Lots of fun was had by all, and our judge Martina was able to help with scoring, helping the groups where needed and photographing the event.

What an eggxcellent morning!

Miss Tammy.

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