Years 5 & 6 Roundup, Term 2 Week 6

In this shorter week after the break we have had some enjoyable learning moments.

In Numeracy we used our knowledge of co-ordinates from the previous week to ‘move it’, and translate shapes across the grid. We then used the other transformations of reflection and rotation to change the position of different shapes on the co-ordinate grid.

For homework the children have activity sheets on different transformations to complete.

Tempest-William-ShakespeareIn Literacy we used the time to start rehearsing our Shakespeare plays to be performed near to Shakespeare Day on April 23rd. This year marks the 400-year celebration of his birth.

Year 6 will be performing Macbeth and Year 5 will be performing The Tempest.
For homework the children need to start learning their lines.

In Topic we learnt about the rationing of food and other essential items during WW2. We used the opportunity to eat a crepe made of three of the rationed products, flour, eggs and milk.T his was also a celebration of Pancake Day, which was Tuesday.crepe

For homework the children have a cross curricular activity to write about what it would have been like to have their food rationed in this time.

volcano-7639In the lead-up to Science Week we were given a preview of things to come with a fantastic erupting volcano designed and built by Marti, Oscar, Jan and Ander from Year 6. We also had a fabulous rocket constructed by Lizzy and Eloi in Year 6. They also gave a very interesting talk on the subject.

Both groups will repeat their activity during Science Week.

Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday – he would have been 207 years old. It was fitting then that Year 6 this week learnt about his work on evolution and natural selection.

Charles Darwin resting against pillar covered with vines.

Charles Darwin resting against pillar covered with vines.

For homework the children need to draw a comic of his life from the information sheet provided.

Year 5 finished their learning of forces, completing their experiments on water resistance and upthrust.upthrust

I would like to thank Marti D, Ander, Gabriel and Marti S for organising the KS2 House football competition. It was a big success with the help of Max and Domenico from Year 9 who kindly refereed the games. This will now take place every Thursday lunchtime.

Have a lovely and relaxing week-end.

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