Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup, Term 2 Week 5

arabian-nights-sinbad-voyageIn Literacy we continued our unit on Cultural Tales, looking in particular the story of Sinbad the Sailor and completed a reading comprehension activity with questions related to this story.

In Numeracy we plotted points and drew polygons in all four quadrants and constructed and interpreted pie charts.

For homework the children have activity sheets related to the work they have covered in class during the week.

In Science Year 6 learnt the meaning of evolution and looked at examples of animals who have adapted to survive in their environment over time. Then the children designed their own animal with their own special features.evolution

In Science Year 5 asked the question, ever tried running through water? It’s harder work than running through air! Water resistance (drag force) can slow objects passing through it. The children carried out their own investigations about the weight of objects in water, designed their own paper boats and saw the effect of different waters.

In Topic we learnt about what life was like for WWII evacuees living in the country and explored the emotions felt by evacuated children and their families. We also talked about why evacuation happened and where children were sent to live.wwiievacuees

Our learning experience was greatly enhanced by Lilly in Year 6 who shared with us a written account from her Grandfather of his experiences of being an evacuee.

For homework the children need to complete a letter written from the point of view of an evacuee home to their family.

On Wednesday we will be having crepes to celebrate Pancake Day which is on the Tuesday of next week.

The children are free to bring in the topping of their choice!

Have a lovely and relaxing long week-end.

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