A Taste of Home in Sitges

We’d like to start offering some tips about local shopping, destinations, and events for our Richmond family, particularly for those who might be new to the area.

With that in mind, we’re starting off with one of the most important things: food. Moving to a new city, country, or even continent can be stressful at times – negotiating the language, getting the paperwork done, meeting new people, etc. – and one thing that may help ease the transition is a taste of home. That is, A Taste of Home, the foreign food import shop in downtown Sitges.


While it’s heavy on British products, the shop also offers Mexican, Indian, Thai, and other international food items, and is probably the finest place in the area to find a wide selection of spices and seasonings.


They advertise:

“We stock over 2000 product lines from the old favourites, Branston, P.G.tips, Kellogs, Nestle, Cadbury’s, marmite, Ocean Spray, Pataks, Lloyd Grossman, Betty Crocker etc. many more too numerous to mention.  We stock over 100 different types of cooking sauces and 10 different types of marmalade.

As well as the basics, we have a wonderful selection of Luxury products and specialist products, Border Biscuits, Opies Pickled Walnuts and Ginger in syrup, Grandma Wilds Yorkshire biscuit range, Fosters Fine Foods luxury Preserves, with and without liqueurs and superb pickles and chutneys.  We have a good selection of New World wines and specialist ales from England, 30 types of tea, Green and Blacks Chocolate, beverages and biscuits.”

(And by the way, try the Cawtson Press Apple and Rhubarb juice. Outstanding.)

In addition, the store carries a good stockpile of English-language books, including a range of children’s books and cookbooks.

So if you have a hankering for some comfort food or are looking for that hard-to-find spice, look no farther than Calle San Jose 32-34, in Sitges, where you’ll find A Taste of Home.

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