Richmond Students Get Musical

This term our students practiced how to play cornet, and this week they tried to play lots of brass instruments such as cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn, slide trombone, valve trombone, fiscorn de cobla, bombardino, french horn, tuba or sousaphone (yes, the white and big one).

Martí (Y6) played the slide trombone with a good sound. Now, Alessandra (Y6) wants a sousaphone at home… (I’m sorry)

Lizzy (Y6) practiced for weeks to play do-re-mi with the cornet, but she is able to play do-re-mi-fa-sol with the tuba just practicing a few minutes!

I think that we can start a band in year 4… just look at the photo, they deserve it! Well done!

Parsa (Y5) noticed that the tuba it’s still too big for him, and Omar, Damien, Ashwin and Sergi will have to learn how to read in F key if they want to play trombones…

Cheyenne (Y6) is playing a fiscorn de cobla… local traditions… join in!!

Can you imagine a band in the school? just look at their faces and support it. A cheap trombone could be a nice X-mas present! Just let me know…

Mr. Joan

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