Years 5 & 6 Get Poetic

Years 5 and 6 have been studying poetry as a component in their literature class, learning about metaphors, similes, rhyme schemes – all of the techniques often found in poems.

As part of that process, students created their own poems, and turned out some very fine work.

red balloonMy Balloon                                                                               

If I were a balloon,
I could pop really soon
Because I’m really thin. 

If the balloon was red
It could fly above my head
And in a race it would win.

If the balloon flew far
I could watch it in my car,
I hope it would be easy to see.

If the balloon went up to the sky
I would say goodbye,
Up there the balloon would always see me.



Pond Life

Beneath the surface of the shallow, weedy pond,
a pike lurks in the depths,
watching tadpoles and leopard frogs swim by.

On the surface,
bull frogs squat on big green lily pads.

Dragonflies dart in between the reeds,
and six small tadpoles swim
in the deep end.

Suddenly, there is commotion.
The pike lunges.

Five tadpoles swim wearily to the shallows.

In late spring, turtles paddle peacefully
and the aarking of herons
can be heard in the distance. 

In summer, garter snakes cruise the banks,
in search of a meal.

In winter, the pond freezes over,
and the animals go to sleep.

– Damien


I was in a mine.
I saw a crime.
I go miles to reach the crime.
I find the crime.
I go through my mind,
to find the person who did the crime.
I wait a while,
to think about catching the robber.
I buy a knife.
I try to make a trap.
I try to lie.
I fight in the light of the white sky.
I give my life.

– Parsa

This, of course, is only a small sampling of the wonderful work these year groups have done. If you’d like to read the originals, take a few moments to have a look at the display on the window of the classroom. Enjoy!

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