Year 9 Academic Roundup

indicesYear 9 Maths.
Our latest topic is Fractional Indices.
Simple really!
a) 101 x 101 = 102 = 100 uses the integers or whole numbers 1 and 2 as indices …and
b) 100.5 x 100.5 = 101 uses the fraction of 0.5 as well as the integer 1 as indices.
Can you see the rule of adding indexes or powers? But wait a minute! Let’s work backwards and think about square roots.
10 X 10 = 100 also tells us that 10 is the square root of 100.
100.5 must be the same as square root of 10. We could also write this as 10½
What do you think 10⅓ means ?

Year 9 Science.
In Biology we have been thinking about the energy needed to keep us alive. This energy must come from our food.
Did you know that if we sleep for 8 hours then our body uses approximately 2 million times more energy than the energy needed to lift an apple from the ground. This is energy needed by cells throughout our body to keep us alive. Energy to keep us breathing, warm, our heart pumping, our brain working reorganising itself as well as allowing us to dream and many other functions. In fact, our total energy requirements for a day might be 6 or more times this number depending on our age and how active we are.
Which foods give us this energy?
We are about to analyse the food we eat to see where this energy comes from.

Year 9 I.T
Have you ever wondered how much space your music files take up on your mP3 player?
We have been looking at sound waves, which make up music, and how they are changed into numbers for storing as music files.
We have learnt that Digital recording involves sampling the sound wave so we don´t need to store all the information in a piece of music. Amazingly we can reproduce the sound wave so that it sounds just like the original music.
We also saw that we can make just about any sound by adding pure notes together in a special way. This involves clever maths of adding sines waves of different heights and frequencies.

In English we have been learning about emotive language, how different words can have a explicit or implicit meaning. We have also been working on the packaging and marketing of the sweets that we will be selling at the Christmas fair.

In Geography we have discovered that the world’s natural resources are running out and that if we continue down this path we will end up without water, oil, etc and our planet will be in chaos.

In history we have been learning about the industrial system, in which the products where easily made at a very fast rate. But the horrible thing about this system was that orphans worked with no pay, no safety and only for shelter and some revolting food.

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