Year 7 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 10

algebraic symbolsMaths: Lolz! We’ve been having lots of fun this week with Mr. Carr, learning about the use of algebraic symbols. Did you know we can trace algebraic symbols right back to different ancient cultures including the ancient Egyptians? It’s amazing that it is still being applied in 2015!

We’ve been calculating Mr. Carr’s age based on the fact that Mr. Hall is age X. If Mr. Hall’s age is X, Mr. Carr’s age is 3X,-  how old is Mr. Carr (not quite as old as the dinosaurs)?! Lolz! 😉

Science: We love biology! We’ve been continuing to find out about such things as human development! How babies grow in the womb! Did you know that babies born today are likely to live to be 100 years old? And did you know that Mr. Carr has a twin? Imagine two Mr. Carrs!!! Lolz!twins in womb

DT: We’ve been building bridges using creative design skills and limited resources such as paper! We saw that one of the designs included interweaved strips of paper to increase strength like we see in the fibres in plant cells and bullet proof vests! The Royal Engineers couldn’t do it any better!

Computing: Using the Scratch Programme we’ve been using computers to demonstrate our animation skills and appreciate more what’s involved in programming.

bookwonderEnglish: We’ve been having a wonderful time learning about our sense of identity and how writers communicate a sense of identity of their characters! Using the book “Wonder” we’ve been looking at the main character and how he feels “ordinary” but he looks different to everyone else! It’s fascinating.

History: We’ve been examining how William the Conqueror managed to triumph over the poor unfortunate Harold Godwinson. William showed his ruthlessness by hacking Harold’s body to pieces and burying his body in an unmarked grave! We’re longing to see how William changed England forever.


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