Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 10

Dear Parents,

This week we have been listening to the story of “The Three Little Pigs,” learning to recognise the coins and using them to buy things in our class Pet Shop and continuing with the general themes of Autumn and My Family.


Retelling the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Building houses like the Three Little Pigs

Building houses like the Three Little Pigs

Here are some ideas for how you could help at home:

1. If you have not already done so, please send in a photograph of your child with their immediate family members, i.e. parents and brothers and sisters and photographs of any pets you may have. We are using these for speaking and listening activities and to help the children to understand that there are differences in families.

2. Reread the story of “The Three Little Pigs” at home either in English or another language. Encourage your child to tell you what happened next and to join in with the parts of the story which repeat.

3. If you can, go and stand outside a building site with your child and talk about what you can see and the process of building a house.

4. Build houses with bricks, sticks and straw, or anything else that you may have available. Talk about the parts of a house, e.g walls, roof, door, windows. When you have finished your houses try to blow them down so your child can see that some materials are stronger than others and more suitable for building houses. You could even ask your child, “What would happen if this house got wet?” then find out.

5. Talk about seasonal changes, e.g. Winter is cold, Spring is warm, Summer is hot, Autumn is cooler and what happens to trees as the seasons change.

6. Talk about the clothes that we wear in different seaons and which part of our bodies we put them on. You can make this more fun by asking nonsense questions, e.g. “Do you wear your coat on your legs/your gloves on your feet?” Ideallly, this needs to be done in English if you can. If you have dolls at home, ask your child to dress the doll for different types of weather.

7. Make a pretend shop at home and encourage your child to pay for things; Nursery up to 3c in 1c coins, if that is easy try up to 6c in 1c coins, Reception up to 10c in 1c coins and if the item costs 2c, 5c or 10c ask your child if they could pay in a different way, e.g. with a 2c, 5c or 10c coin. (We have looked at all of the coins but have only used up to 10c in practical activities, for Nursery however, the concept of some coins being worth more than others is too difficult so please only use 1c coins if your child is in Nursery).

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home.

Here are a few photos of some playground ‘graffiti,’ the children learning about road safety, and meeting the school’s pets.

Miss Claire

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