Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup, Term 1, Week 9

So, the first week back after half term is complete!

Overall, the behaviour has been good, but unfortunately the class did not win enough points to get a session of golden time this week! Remember our golden rules: always follow instructions, tidy up after yourselves and others, put your hands up to answer & ask questions, and always be ready to learn and listen when the countdown finishes. Let´s hope you get some well-earned golden time next week!

Negatives aside, I am really really impressed with the results of the maths exam the children completed in half term! It just goes to show how hard they have worked over the past half term-keep it up!

odin1This week we have looked at Viking Gods! The children learnt the names of the main Viking Gods very quickly and their main powers. The children then searched for more information and created posters in pairs on their chosen Gods. We also created our own Viking Gods! We gave them a name, drew a picture of them and explained what they did. They were very creative!

In both classes we have been looking at poetry but focusing on different texts and areas. I have been very pleased with their creative ideas they have added to the class during these poetry sessions!

Year 3 were able to write their own poem about an animal using a similar structure to one we read and Year 4 wrote some really imaginative poems about the possibilities you could see outside after opening a curtain. Year 3 have focused on adverbs this week: an adjective to describe a verb (usually ending in ly). They have been able to use this in their work which really improves their writing! Well done! Year 4 have looked at fronted adverbials, to change the order of their sentences around. This was quite tricky at first but they managed to use these in their poems!
Year 3: In class we discussed the meaning of the vocabulary on their sheet and they have to change these into adverbs. They should then select a few to use in sentences.
Year 4: There are a selection of fronted adverbials which the children should put in to the given different categories (time, place…) and then use these to create their own sentences.

Year 3 have looked further in to subtraction to gain a deep understanding. We have mainly used the frog method to count up. Although a subtraction starts with the biggest number first, when we draw a number line we have learnt that the smallest number should go first. Year 4 have continued to look at both addition and subtraction from last week, to gain a sound understanding. Children have moved on from using frog, and are now using the decomposition method to partition numbers-also using carrying. We have used a variety of different methods to include addition into this.
Year 3: They should choose a number from each circle to create their own subtraction question. They should then use frog to find the answer.
Year 4: Using either frog or decomposition, they should work out the given calculations.

Year 3: Plants is our new topic! We discussed the names for different parts of plants, what they need to grow and what each part of the plant does. The children worked in two groups to create a poster to show this. For homework: the children should complete the worksheet linked to what we have talked about in class.
Year 4: Our new topic is living things and their habitats! We talked about the seven characteristics of living things and discussed what a habitat is, and why they are different. For homework: children should visit to play an interactive game related to food chains and webs. They should then choose one of these to illustrate and label. plants

Finally, I would like to congratulate Inés (yr 4) and Valeria (yr 3) for completing all of their homework each week in the last half term! They have 8 stamps on their homework chart which means they had two prizes, and they were also given a special certificate.
It is important to encourage and remind your children to complete their homework. Homework is always given, explained and checked on a Friday. Children are encouraged to listen to explanations in class and take notes were appropriate to help them. If any further help is needed, I am more than happy to help!

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