Year 7 Update, by Laia

simmetsEnglish? This week we have been looking at poetry and metaphors, they are difficult but in Year 7 we are very smart and we understand that. We also are creating a poem for little children with a simple rhythm and rhyme, and the classes are very funny because Mr.Hall makes a lot of jokes, but we learn a lot with him, because he is very serious.

What happened in Geography and History? This week we haven’t done a lot of this but we are learning what the Earth gives to us and why it is special.

And what about Maths? In Maths we started Chapter 3 of the text book – sometimes we also we do fun maths like sudokus or … bueno, the truth is that Mr.Carr is very funny.

But Science? In Science we are learning how a baby develops in the mum, and also the reproductive system, we laugh a lot at the pictures, and how Mr.Carr explains to us how the sperm enters into the egg cell.normal-fetal-growth

Castellano, que pasa con Castellano? Esta semana hemos tenido un control, no un examen, el control era para saber lo que nos costaba mas y lo que nos costaba menos, en ese control hemos puesto los temas de la leyenda, la comunicación y también con V y B.

Catalá, que el cátala no exixteix? Aquesta semana hem comencat a fer una mica de treball mes dur del normal del que ens posa la Esther, encara que ha estat molt dificil hem pogut amb tot aixo, hem pogut fer el treball, pero tambe hi han algunes persones que no han pogut entregar treballs perque estaben fora o per alguna altra cosa.

chess_move_hand_playAlso we have started having clubs for the people that don’t want to go upstairs during patio-time, for example there is a chess club.

Well, we’ve been very busy but having fun too!

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