Nursery and Reception Roundup, Term 1 Week 9

Dear Parents,

We had a busy and exciting first week back after the half term holiday. Most of our activities this week have been based on Autumn and seasonal changes. Here are some suggestions for activities at home:

autumn1. Go for a walk in the park or the woods and collect leaves, twigs, pine cones, seeds, conkers; anything that falls from the trees in Autumn. When you get home:

– Sort the items you have collected into sets and count how many pine cones, leaves, etc, you have collected. Write the numbers down and ask your child to match the right number to each set (the Nursery children are working on recognising 1, 2 and 3, but some can do more, most of the Reception children are working on recognising 6 to 10 but some are starting to work beyond 10)

– Look at the leaves; Do any match? Are they all from the same tree or different trees? Sort them into big, middle-sized and little, talk about Autumn colours; green, brown, yellow, red and orange.

– Take a leaf, a sheet of paper and a wax crayon in an Autumn colour and do a leaf rubbing. Put the back of the leaf under the paper and use the side of the wax crayon for the best result – this activity is very good for developing fine motor skills but you will probably have to hold the paper for them.

– Take a large sheet of paper and some Cola glue and make an Autumn collage.

2. Practise writing numbers; (Nursery 1, Reception 1, 2 and 3).<

3. Reception only; if you would like to help your child to practise writing their own name at home please write me a note in the diary so we can meet for five minutes because it it important that they form and join the letters correctly from the beginning.

Thank you
Miss Claire

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