Years 3 and 4 Half Term Roundup

We’ve come to the end of the first half term and I am so happy with all of the children! They have made great progress so far, become more mature and have bonded well with their new class mates.

The Year 4 children have been great role models for Year 3, and the Year 3 children have improved their behaviour so much and have taught the Year 4 children new things! It´s been a lovely last few weeks and I am really looking forward to spending the rest of the school year with them. I am already so proud of them!

The week before the holiday we talked about Halloween, and the Year 3 kids taught Year 4 about bonfire night. We created some great art work for both events, and then wrote some poetry, descriptions and stories to match these.

We have used different cutting techniques, learnt the effect of layering materials, used paint in a special way to create scratch paper and used a new art tool to scratch a picture in to the paper we created! They look fantastic!

In English, both classes have been looking at poetry. Year 4 have learnt about two effective poetry terms: similes and metaphors. We discussed some great ideas! They then played a game looking at how to begin sentences with adverbs, writing silly and sensible sentences. These made me laugh!

In Year 3, we read the poem “Daddy Fell into the Pond”. We discussed how you can use your voice to make it sound much more interesting and practiced reading aloud. The children then changed the poem to prose and had some really nice ideas. They included a simile and some adjectives to make their writing sound very interesting.

In maths, Year 4 have been adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers using place value knowledge, and put this into practice with money – buying multiple items and then working out how much change we would get. The children explored the best methods to work this out, and realised that taking away amounts from amounts with 0´s is difficult eg: £50.00. We decided to take away 1p from this amount and then add it back again to the final amount so we could use the column method… £49.99 – £24.52 = £25.47 + 1p =£24.48

kids workingYear 3 have been adding and subtracting 100´s, 10´s and 1´s to numbers to reinforce the importance of place value and then progressing on to addition and subtracting of near multiples of 10´s and 100´s. Some children have been able to work these out mentally, and the others have been using the column method or counting up and back really well.

In science, year 4 looked at food chains and learnt some new vocabulary about consumers, producers, predators and prey. We also labelled these with carnivore, omnivores and omnivores with our knowledge from previous sessions. We also looked at our experiment about teeth from last week. The results were disgusting but the children loved getting their hands dirty and smelly from the bad eggs! I think the children and myself are now going to be careful to brush our teeth after having coca cola, orange juice and acidic drinks! Some children produced great science posters too! Well done!

In Year 3, we had a mini PE/science lesson! We wanted to see how our muscles work when we do exercise so we measured our heart and breath rates during a warm up, light exercise, heavy exercise and a cool down. Year 3 love to learn science with hands on activities!

kids walkingAfter a great first half-terms and great behaviour this week, we exchanged our free time to watch a Viking film with some Halloween treats! The children enjoyed watching the film and eating their blood shots, worms and Halloween treats!


Both classes took home their English and Maths notebooks for parents to look at and for any studying during the holidays. Both classes have their usual spelling lists, their reading book and their homework, but I hope you are relaxed and ready for a fresh new half-term!

Here are a few examples of the great work from both classes this half-term!


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