Year 9 Happenings

This week we had an enjoyable time, doing interesting stuff.

welcome-back-to-school-clipartFirstly, in Science we learned about the amazing world of cells, and the incredible structure of DNA. We went through some theories and videos which brought the movement of molecules to life. Mr. Carr told us about osmosis and transpiration in plants through interesting dramatic projects.

We’ve learnt how an instruction is given to a computer, how we write programs, and how you are actually reading the blog right now, and how by these codes you can listen to music and download videos, and it ‘s really interesting the way the codes change in letters we understand.

Did you know the land you are living on is moving toward eastward one cm each year? We went through how continents were formed on plates 550 million years ago in Geography. We presented our posters we had made in groups, and we studied the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock comprising the UK’s bedrock and compared it to other parts of the world.plates2

othelloDrama is fun and full of feelings; we’ve been reading Othello by William Shakespeare and discovering the story, and we are understanding the characters and getting familiar with Shakespearean language with Mr. Hall. He’s handsome and interesting and tall and amazing and the best in the world and knows everything.

Also we’re working hard in English to improve our reading, writing and listening skills but always happy when we see our improvement in explicit and implicit meanings during our reading hours with Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibottson.journeyriversea

PE is a hard but enjoyable time, with our running exercises to improve our speed and strength and finding the rhythm of breathing and movement. After 4 minutes of running, with a recuperation time of 6 minutes, we are pretty tired after 5 laps, but healthy.

jazzMusic time is full of fun and interesting lessons – we have improved a lot trying to make soft and low sounds with the cornet and mouth pieces, in some time we might be able to play some jazz or make a cool music band in school.

We had so much fun making the Terror Tunnel, we hope you enjoyed it!

That’s all for now, but more later!

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