Year 7 Happenings, by Laia

The past week has been very funny and interesting.

cornetIn music we have been improving how to use the cornet and mouth pieces, and we learned how to play DO,RE,MI,FA and SO with the cornet, and did exercises saying the notes with the mouth, and we also learned the names and the places of the notes.

In English we are writing the first chapter of our adventure story. We need to write a thousand words so that’s 1,000 words, and we need to invent what happens to the protagonist of the story and the friend or the pet. Mr. Hall is the best teacher ever, ’’Bueno, that is what I think.’’

Also we have finish reading ‘”The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.”boystripedpajamas

In Maths we’ve started the second chapter of the writing maths book.

babyIn Science we’re studying the reproductive parts and how a baby develops – with Mr. Carr we learn a lot.

En Catalan hem fet un examen i estem aprenen de tot.

En Castellano estamos aprendiendo de todo además Year 7 tenemos un control el 12 de noviembre.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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