Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 8

Hello everybody, what a fantastic week we have had!

Behaviour has been really good from both classes this week, lets keep it up! 🙂

6155-Build-a-Viking-Ship-1383093998In topic we learnt a lot of information about Viking ships. We then used this information to help us create a Viking longship picture. They look fantastic! We learnt about different painting techniques using a variety of tools, and used a collage affect too.

Year 4 continued to look at fables. They created a plan with the main features that they had studied, and then used this to create their fable. The fable was then edited and improved and now looks fantastic on the wall!


Year 3 analysed the story I´ll Take You to Mrs Cole to find the story pegs to use to create their own story. The children wrote a plan, a first draft which was edited and improved, and a final copy as a story. I was really impressed with their imagination!

In maths both classes have been looking at place value, with addition and subtraction.


Year 4 have been mentally adding 4 digit numbers using their place value knowledge, and solving mystery addition and subtractions which were difficult….but they managed to complete really well!

Year 3 should complete an addition worksheet based on money. We looked at this during the class and it was very tricky so we will look at this again in the near future!

Year 3 have continued to learn about muscles and bones. We did a class quiz which showed me that they have learnt a lot! We have been creating a muscle with cardboard and elastic bands to show which muscles contract and relax when we bend our arms.


Year 4 completed an experiment this week! We continued with our studying of teeth and decided to do an experiment to see the affects of different liquids on our teeth. We used vinegar, water, pepsi, pepsi light and orange juice. We look at how the eggs change inside these liquids and then use a toothbrush on the egg to see how brushing affects our teeth.




We can’t wait to see all of the marvelous costumes at the Halloween Party! Have a great night and a wonderful holiday!

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