Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 7

Dear Parents,
We have had another exciting week in our classroom practising the children’s emerging language, Literacy and Numeracy skills, learning more about real bears and animals that live in the North and South Poles – and even hunting for bears!
Suggestions for activities at home:
1. We read “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” and did some language, music and dance work based on it. The children have all thoroughly enjoyed this story and it is available to watch on utube.
2. Read stories at home with bears in them, either in English or any other language that you speak at home. If you have non-fiction books about bears look at those too or alternatively find out more about bears on the internet together.
3. This week we have had ice blocks in the water tray which we made by putting water into different shaped plastic pots and containers. Make ice cubes or perhaps even ice lollies at home and reinforce that ice is very cold water and that the ice melts, or changes back into water, as it gets warmer again.
4. Nursery only; continue counting in as many different ways as possible and reinforcing number recognition to 5 and then to 10.
5. Reception only: partition a set of five objects in as many different ways as possible, reinforcing that there are still five but that they are in two smaller groups then write a number story about it.
e.g. 2+3=5 There are two cars in the car park and three cars outside the car park.
       1+4=5 There is one doll inside the house and four dolls outside in the garden.
6. Reception only; play “I Spy” and look around the house for things that begin with an “i” or a “p”. Hopefully, your child will be able to tell you that not many things begin with an “i” because it is a vowel and even though vowels are the busiest letters we don’t see them very often at the begining of words.
7. Nursery only; look around the house for things that begin with the first letter sound of your child’s name.
Thank you
Miss Claire

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