Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 7

Hello again!

There have been lots of fun things happening this week!

aesopYear 4 have started looking at Aesop’s Fables this week and getting to learn the features of them.

The children got in groups and performed a selection of fables which turned out really good. Something that the children learnt from this activity was: the more practice, the better!

Year 3 are looking at stories from the same author – and really enjoyed the first book of I´ll Take You to Mrs Cole! They made predictions half way through the story, descriptions and wrote a re-tell of the story.

In Science, year 4 have been looking at teeth in humans and other animals. They decided to take a class tally of how many milk teeth and adult teeth each child had and created a bar graph to show the results, which included a little bit of maths work!

Year 3 have extended their knowledge of bones and identified animal bones, and then recreated a picture by drawing and adding white plasticine. They look great!

We have been doing a lot of work in PSHE about good qualities in people. We created teams in the class who had to create a poster to present to the class about their talents. They came up with a team name and logo and are beginning to become great presenters!

The kids also created these fantastic plate portraits of themselves, and other students wrote down some positive qualities about their classmates. It was a really affirming and supportive project.

As you can see, the kids have been really busy and produced some excellent work!

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