Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 6

Dear Parents,

weregoingonabearhuntcoverAnother busy week has come to an end in the Nursery and Reception class. May I please first take this opportunity to remind you that we no longer have an afternoon snack in school so your child should not be bringing any food to school with them unless they have a packed lunch – a bottle of water is all that is required.

Secondly, just a reminder that the school gate closes at 9:00am and your child should arrive at school between 8:50am and 9:00am every morning. Please make every effort to be punctual as it is very disruptive for the rest of the class if your child arrives late.

This week we have read the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and continued to talk about real and imaginary journeys and making our own book about some “silly animals” that we saw on an imaginary journey on a flying carpet.

We have been making junk models based on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to try to make Baby Bear happy again; a new chair, a bed, a table, a toy. The Nursery children have been practicing counting and recognising numbers and the Reception children have been adding one more and are beginning to record additions.

Suggestions for activities at home:

1. Continue practicing the vocabulary from previous weeks in as many different contexts as possible; big, middle-sized and little, fat and thin, empty and full.

2. Practice words which describe position and movement; on, in front, behind, over, under and through. For example, you could ask your child to put something on the table or under their bed, or you could ask your child to move under, over and through toys in the park.

3. Build models with old boxes and cardboard roles. Talk about the best way to stick the model together and any shapes you can see. For example, the end of a toilet role is a circle, the top of a box may be a square or a rectangle.

4. Nursery only; reinforce colour words and basic vocabulary in English (chair, table, toilet, good morning, please, thank you, etc).

5. Reception only; continue to look for things that begin with a given letter (in class we have focused on the first set of sounds, s, a, t, i, p, n and the first sound in your child’s name).

6. Nursery only; practice counting things and recognising numbers, if your child is comfortable up to number 5, focus on numbers up to 10.

7. Reception only; practice counting a set of objects, adding one more, then writing a “story” about it, e.g.  ,
  5+1=6 (There were 5 fish swimming in the sea, one more came  to play and that made 6 fish altogether)

You will need to adapt your number story depending on which toys/objects you are using. I have not introduced the correct mathematical names for + and = yet, that will come later.



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