Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 6

ahmeds secretIn this shortened week in Literacy we started a new unit of work on recounts. After reading a section of the book The Day of  Ahmed’s Secret and learning about the features of a recount, the children then started to write their own personal recount of a memorable day in their lives.

We also used a simple sentence taken from the story and looked at exciting ways to improve it.

For homework the children need to complete this activity with two other simple sentences from the same story.

In Topic we learnt about the impact of planes in the First World War and talked about the pilots who were known as Aces , including a particularly famous one known as the Red Baron.redbaron

The children also continued with their World War 1 Scrap Books.

Year 6

Leading on from our work in Science on finding and analysing pulse rates, the children completed some cross- curricular activities with Maths. They drew line graphs and examined column graphs displaying different information answering questions.

For homework the children need to complete an activity sheet on line graphs.

Year 5

In Science the children learnt how gravity determines our weight. They used scales to determine their mass and then multiplied this by 10 to find their weight in Newtons. They then calculated what their weight would be on other planets.

Leading on from this work the children drew column graphs to display the results of their experiment.

For homework the children need to complete an activity sheet on line graphs.

I hope they will also think about the design they want for their model of a solar system they will soon be creating.180_solarsystem-940x626

I want to congratulate the children on their amazing research posters/newspaper articles on the northern lights. There was a great diversity in the information, content and format of the children’s finished work and they have really brought our classroom alive.

Both Year 5 and Year 6 also have spelling lists for the week. This week the words are also homophones that relate to our topic of Recounts in Literacy.homophones

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